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This is a very touching post.

A Father’s Reaction to His Very Young Gay Son Advertisements

Jon Stewart

sociolab: This is absolutely true.

Health Care

Tell the Supreme Court: I support Health Care Reform!

Trayvon Martin: Your Guide to the Idiotic Racist Backlash Against Trayvon Martin(via @Gawker)

Practice Issues

  Who is Protecting the Public Sector Social Worker?    

War On Women

    Roe V World: Silly Ladies Don’t Know What Rape Is, Suggests Idaho Legislator(via @Jezebel) In another battle story from the war on women: this legislator thinks some women may not know the difference between rape and consensual marital sex.  He believes before being allowed to have an abortion the doctor should send the […]

sociolab: commie-pinko-liberal: zainyk: Yes. Stop demonizing single mothers. They produce intelligent men with compassion for others. I fail to see this argument.