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Social Work Unionization & Fair Pay: A Rant

I hate when people say well “I didn’t go into SW to get rich” as a response to discussions about SW pay and unions.  It’s a way of saying “you made your bed now lie in it and don’t complain.” This is not about getting rich it is about fair pay for the work and expense we put into being SW.  Most SW positions require us to have a Masters (this often leads to student loans) plus we have to pay fees to take, then maintain, our licenses & registrations.  Add to this that we need to take continuing edu courses (even if your state does not require it you still want to do this to stay up to date).  Despite this many in the profession can not maintain a household on what the average SW position pays.  In what other profession do you obtain a graduate degree plus professional licensing and still not be able to live independently on a full time salary?  All my peers in the filed are either living with their parents or are co-inhabiting with a partner who can split the cost of living with them.


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