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Texas Again

  Diane Tran, Texas Honor Student Jailed For Missing School, Has Contempt Order Vacated I have to ask, why are her parents not getting into trouble?  Is it legal in TX to abandon your children, leaving a 17 yr old as head of household?  I haven’t seen a report addressing this issue.  They mention her […]

Free Educational Resources. 

12 Dozen Places To Educate Yourself Online For Free I came across this link a while ago on LinkedIn.  It is a list of free educational resources.


Republican revisionism and civil rights history

Charities In Trouble

Charity Impossible: Do America’s Charities Need Rescuing? Scary article for those that work for and those who rely on the work charitable organizations do.  We really need to change how the public and elected officials view the people we serve.  Our health care system is broken and welfare needs to be expanded not shrunk.  We […]

Rachel Maddow Gives a Civics Lesson

Photo by: Gay Marriage USA