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Gay Marriage Plank Will Be In Democratic Party Platform At Convention

Gay Marriage Plank Will Be In Democratic Party Platform At Convention. It is about time. Advertisements

Originally posted on Relando Thompkins, MSW:
Image from Recently, I was contacted by one of my readers who has been contemplating entering  graduate school for Social Work, but was unsure of what direction to pursue because of uncertainty about the options that were available in terms of choosing a career path. First, thanks for…

Teen Dating Violence

Basically Not One Single Shit is Given About Teen Dating Violence Except In Boston. A recent study from Ball State University printed in the August issue of Pediatrics indicates just how low of a priority it is: 81.3% of high schools do not have a standard protocol or procedure in place for responding to reports […]

Social Workers: Please Sign The Petition

Reform Internship Requirements for Social Work Students    

From Our Friends At Aunt Bertha

Interviewing Innovative Social Workers and Non-Profit Professionals! Hi all, my name is Mozart, I’m a social worker and community manager at a software company in Austin,TX Aunt Bertha ( We organize all the need-based programs in the States and we’re also a place that discusses innovative ideas in Social Work. At this time, we’re interviewing […]

Which one is a social worker?

Which one is a social worker?. The poll is still open.  If you have not done so, please vote

Why Do We Suck at Taking Birth Control?

Why Do We Suck at Taking Birth Control?. Well This is distressing.