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Media outlets are constantly reporting on the struggles of teachers, firefighters, and  law enforcement.  However, the social work community appears to be invisible.  Every day, I watch the news to see the latest happenings in the presidential election.  Civil rights, income disparity, food stamps, Medicaid expansion, preventive services, and education are consistent narratives mentioned on a daily basis. Where are the social workers, and why are we missing from the national conversation?

There is no doubt in my mind that Social Workers are the restorative power and profession of hope, but this power must be manifested into united action. The current structure of our profession promotes fragmentation and isolation of social workers with different focuses into smaller groups.

Social Workers are the single factor that permeates through every spectrum affecting the human condition ie Human Services, Hospitals, Corrections, Juvenile Justice, Public Health, Elderly, Politics, Community Organizing, Education

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