Relando Thompkins, MSW

Recently, I was contacted by one of my readers who has been contemplating entering  graduate school for Social Work, but was unsure of what direction to pursue because of uncertainty about the options that were available in terms of choosing a career path.

First, thanks for reading my blog, and for taking the time out to contact me.

I think there’s a common misconception out there that Social Work only involves adoptions or removing children from abusive homes . The images I have seen of Social Workers on television and in movies (in mostly negative or antagonistic roles), also suggest that this is the case.

Social Work aims to improve the lives of everyone, with a particularly strong focus on advocating for the most vulnerable and marginalized in society. Children continue to be among the most vulnerable, and working to ensure their protection, safety, and success continues to be…

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  1. I just wanted to say thanks to you for sharing my post with others! I really appreciate the support.

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