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Yet another way we can use Pinterest. A few weeks ago another Social Work blogger had written a post about using it to create vision boards with clients.

Classroom to Capitol

I don’t post too much anymore about social media and technology and nonprofit advocacy.

Mainly, that’s because there are people who are way smarterthan I am at that, and so I just learn from them. I also don’t have nearly as much time to play around with new tools as I wish I did, because of consulting and teaching and parenting. And, truly, I’m pretty comfortable these days in some of my social spaces online–Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, this blog.

I am sure that there is more I could be doing with each of those, but I’m getting essentially the outcomes I hope for, connecting with great people, and learning new things.

I came across this post, though, on Have Fun Do Good, about Pinterest and nonprofits, and I just have to share…and weigh in with a few advocacy-specific ideas, too.

I am…

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